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Kyte Tatt is an American abstract and figurative artist based in Berlin. His work draws inspiration from philosophy, nature, science, altered states of consciousness and spirituality. His work often focuses on allowing the subconscious to become conscious. Born in Pennsylvania USA 36 years ago, Kyte left his rural upbringing at 18 to travel the world. He lived in a caravan for nearly 10 years and visited 22 countries in his travels. During his travels he was involved in various art projects in the USA and has now been working as a painter in Berlin. Along the way Kyte was in primary involvement with the San Francisco Burning Man arts community. His installation work has been exhibited at top Music festivals in the USA such as Burning Man art festival and Symbiosis Gathering. The culmination of his work and experience result in his work today. Kyte has always had the passion to create and he has expressed this through many forms such as alternative fashion design, art installation work, performance and stage design. He was the recipient of an art grant inn 2013 for installation work at Burning Man art festival. Kyte always aspires to reach more people with his work and is always creating new ideas and expressions for his story as an artist. In the future Kyte would like to take part in residencies, exhibit his art internationally and travel the world, exploring other cultures while doing so.


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